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T-Arty.com is an independent design site set up in 2006 to provide quality designs for printing on CafePress products. We are a brand new site, so if you don't see a design you like now, check back in a few weeks and you'll see plenty more new designs!

As an independent site, we are not part of CafePress nor employed by them - we simply use their printing services because they are the best around. Why try and beat them when you can join them?

Our designs are high detail, to resolution of around 2000x2000dpi, ensuring the highest quality prints on your final product.

Once you purchase a product, you're in the capable hands of CafePress. They deal with payment, shipping and after sales. They're the experts and they will give you the best service around.

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  • or if you have any more questions about T-Arty.com, please feel free to contact us

wheelchair sex
Fear Nobody Hoodie
Jujutsu red t-shirt
hung like a donkey
QTpi Ladies T-Shirt
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World Peas Ladies Vest

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